Melbourne’s longest serving brothel has just formed a partnership that will transform its disused attic into the city’s newest and edgiest theatre!

What's On

Lush Life - An excavation of the queer history of jazz

Extended Season - March 23, 24, 25 26

Enthralled by the hidden history of littered throughout the jazz idiom 'Lush Life' is an exquisite journey presented by the enthralling voice of James Halloran. Join James as he interprets and shares the songs of the formidable, queer composer’s and lyricists in jazz history. 

Amanda Jane Pritchard is All the Dumb Things 

A Comedy Cabaret; 8pm March 8th and 9th

All the Dumb Things is a mix of stand-up comedy, cabaret and catharsis. Join Amanda Jane Pritchard with Wally Howlett on guitar and piano for an hour of songs and stories

Dr. Duck Is There a Duck in the House? (MICF)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Mar 28 - Apr 6

It's not actually about ducks. It's not actually about doctors. It's a sketch show, ok. Lots of sketches with funny people being funny. The show will be silly and irreverent: just like the title. So it does make sense... sort of. Come see it.

Andrew Hastings EMO (MICF)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Mar 28 - Apr 10

For his Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut, Andrew Hastings comes with an hour of stand-up about mistakes, misery and the teen angst of a 27-year-old.

See Sydney's favorite/last emo before he cuts his hair or cheers up!

Duff Attack of the Sex Robots! MICF

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Mar 28 - Apr 8

After the movies gave us HAL 9000, The Terminator, C-3PO, and WALL-E, it turns out the only robots humans are interested in are the ones we can get jiggy with. So just how did Melanie Griffith’s 1985 sci-fi movie Cherry 2000 improbably become one of the most accurate depictions our future? Find out from one of Melbourne’s most unique performers in one of Melbourne’s most unique venues.